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Commercial Roof Restoration and Coatings for Central and Eastern Iowa!

Located in Bremer County of central Iowa, Trager Coatings LLC provides Commercial Roof Repair, Restoration and Coatings for commercial businesses in central to eastern Iowa!

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Conklin - 40 Years of Roof Coatings

We specialize in the Conklin® building products. The coatings we use – Benchmark & Rapid Roof III are the most trusted Acrylic coatings on the market. And the Single Ply membranes, Hy-Crown & Flexion have stood the test of time. We can bring your aging EPDM roof back to life! If you are looking for long-lasting, durable, energy efficient, COOL ROOF, call us today!!

Reflectivity and energy savings (GO GREEN) is how we think. Our warranties are the best in the industry, up to 18 yrs. on our coatings system and up to 30 yrs. on our single ply systems. Call us for a free quote today!!

Conklin pioneered the Acrylic Coating Market in the early 70’s. With millions of square feet from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Conklin® Coatings have proven the test of durability through every weather condition possible.

These systems offer highly reflective energy star ratings blocking up to 84% of the suns UV rays which results in saving you money. All our roof warranties are non-prorated, and 100% leak free, and can be renewed with a simple re-coat at the end of the initial warranty.

Reflecting 85% of the solar rays hitting your Iowa commercial roof, the Department of Energy finds that the coatings we use on your commercial roof save an average 15% on air conditioning. Reducing both heat build up inside the building in summer, and heat loss during the cold winter months.

Iowa Commercial Roof Coatings by Trager Coatings

Commercial Roof Repair, Restoration, and Coatings for Central to Eastern Iowa

Serving:: Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, Des Moines, Iowa City, Waterloo, Waverly, and surrounding areas!
Conklin Roofing Systems Energy Efficient Commercial Roof Cool Roofs Rating Council FM Approved Classified UL